Founded 1921 by Guccio Gucci, the brand is defined by its craftsmanship heritage, Italian style, luxury and contemporary glamour. Over the last years, Gucci widened its legacy into the accessories lines that are also called fashion collections. Frida Giannini, creative director, brought a contemporary attitude with a reinterpretation of the brand essence. The Men’s line is updated with a rock and roll twist.

483.74 EUR
540.53 USD
430.93 GBP
58,450.30 JPY
4,189.62 HKD
3,841.52 CNY
242.28 EUR
270.72 USD
215.83 GBP
29,274.69 JPY
2,098.36 HKD
1,924.02 CNY
365.85 EUR
408.80 USD
325.91 GBP
44,205.66 JPY
3,168.59 HKD
2,905.32 CNY
182.93 EUR
204.41 USD
162.96 GBP
22,103.43 JPY
1,584.34 HKD
1,452.70 CNY
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