Born in the 80´s, Paolo Rosello created P.A.R.O.S.H by customizing vintage clothing, re-designing and giving them a second life opportunity.

That passion continues, like a naughty boy, Paolo likes to play and he mixes with his self-assurance energy, precious fabrics presented in an understated way with color and humor transforming each and every piece into great creations.

145.53 EUR
165.73 USD
130.23 GBP
17,750.29 JPY
1,293.98 HKD
1,140.18 CNY
73.17 EUR
83.33 USD
65.48 GBP
8,924.54 JPY
650.59 HKD
573.26 CNY
232.52 EUR
264.79 USD
208.07 GBP
28,360.46 JPY
2,067.45 HKD
1,821.72 CNY
116.26 EUR
132.40 USD
104.04 GBP
14,180.23 JPY
1,033.73 HKD
910.86 CNY
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